Grace of Now = A Health History with Me

I have learnt, before I have achieved anything difficult or worthwhile in the change I want in my life, I needed to commit first. One of my tricks to ease my fear of committing to myself. Was to fast in a group, this made the commitment easy. Then when I experienced the feelings once I had honestly completed the fast to all the boundaries set. I have had no problem exploring different ways of living or choices, or being OK with realizing, things that aren’t working.

Or giving me back the results I wanted, so I need to rethink things….. and not judge. Concerning my fears and hesitancy they passed away with my vulnerability, despite wanting to given up or to give in.. Then thought about what is grace and if  grace in my life?

Then I heard a quote, it goes a little like this. ‘Grace picks you up and drops you off somewhere else’ would you do me the honour of participating in a Health History with me?

I will be able to help you clarify your vision for your life. Then I can support you and drop you off somewhere else in your journey.

Please fill in this contact form below and I will email you the Health History form . I will agree a date and time to meet with you on skype.



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