Chocolate 101

I am a Fan of Sweetness

I Love Well Made Chocolates

I Love Well Made Food in General

I Am A Foodie and I Love to Share

Sugar and all things sweet, I have tried to give up sugar totally! I tried for 1 day, 1 month, 3 months and I managed 4 years. It was hard and it was easy and some days I wasn’t nice. In particular when I gave up cups of tea, honestly I was a better all round person with cups of tea in my life. I did this because I was iron deficient. I have learnt to create recipes with;

Local Honey

Rice Malt Syrup

Sweet Potatoes

Pumpkin I use in Chocolate Brownies

Coconut Sugar in my Chocolates

The “sweet taste” can trigger blood sugar swings and cause issues with the reward centre of the brain, creating addiction issues. Which is what I don’t like to experience, when I learnt fructose gets stored around my liver. Like a roll around my tummy, I could give up a lot of the different sugars. Just like that!  I also read this and this and I learnt sugars get stored on the face and tummy. I don’t like it when the appetite hormones switch on and I can’t stop eating sweet things. So I learnt what I do like and what I do want to happen in my taste buds and body.

Oh, Dates too! Which do you chose to enjoy


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