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Fair trade Raw Cacao Powder
Fair trade Raw Cacao Powder







If I prefer to eat well to cherish my body so live peacefully in my mind. Rather than being affected by negatively because I love the taste of chocolate. I learnt how to make it as healthy as I can, interestingly my obsession with chocolate has disappeared! Odd right …. or empowering….

I knew years ago I would and could never give up chocolate. What I really needed to give up was the stinking thinking after eating it, as I could not live up to my own idealism in my own mind.
How did this go in my mind?

These feelings were distracting me from living in the present moment + I had started reading raw cocao has more than 300 nutritional compounds and is one of the richest sources of antioxidants of any food on the planet!
Magnesium and other essential minerals calcium, sulfur, zinc, iron, copper, potassium and manganese
Polyphenols antioxidant rich flavonoids
Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, C, E
Essential heart-healthy fat: oleic acid a monounsaturated fat

I wanted these in my body because I wanted to think and feel amazing!
This is part 1
Next part 2 my new understanding of Fats!


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