I am a nearly a certified Health Coach at IIN









My name is Rebecca and I am a nearly a certified Health Coach, I am halfway through my course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As I have at the halfway point I am allowed to see clients !!!

I would like to work with people with high LDL cholesterol levels, early stages of heart disease. I am personally recovering from adrenal fatigue, which hospitalised me 6 weeks ago. As I keep covering I will be able to share what has worked for me to recover back into my health. Soon

…… …That well-being is not a destination but an ongoing relationship with your own body….

……Self acceptance needs to be considered and then embraced. This takes time……….

Some diagnosis can be an opportunity to build an inner relationship with yourself, to discover your next best steps to restore your health and well-being. Really, the diagnosis is demanding your 100% attention to recreate your health, one moment at a time finding peace in this moment supports your choices in your mind. This then encourages new food choices, living kindly inside your body. We are the ones who complicate things and the ones who can choose change. You are the most important authority on your own health.


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