The Nature of Self Nurture has Meant I Needed to

Pretty Feet grounding myself early in the morning
Pretty Feet grounding myself early in the morning








Overwhelmed with irritation with my inner knowing I need to take better care of myself. All because of the time my alarm will be going off. My alarm needs to be 5:00 am or 6:00 am on Monday to Friday …. Added to my irritation I am taking my breakfast and lunch in glass jars or containers to my 9 till 5 life. So I can maintain feeling great in the present moment I live in.

Honouring commitments to myself has become a habit through my journey of accepting what is the best choice for me. I seem to be driven by wanting a little more or wanting what is over there……. cravings desiring what is over there is so appealing. Rather than feeling what is right here in my now inside my skin.

When Benjamin Franklin said “What good shall I do this day” in his early morning route. I think people are thinking, “ how can I feel good today, no matter what comes my way”. No matter how many work emails I receive or if I am overlooked for promotion, I will feel good inside my skin today. The nature of self nurture has meant I needed to make peace with needing time to get ready for my day. I have tried (no I don’t do them all in a morning)

Journalling 3 pages
Saying a quote to inspire my day ahead like a personal mantra
Oiling Pulling
Dry Body Brushing
Hot water with Lemon or a weak Green Tea
Meditation or sitting quietly for 5 minutes
Early morning walk on the grass
My wellness route differs a little most days but for me to make peace from my mental noise in my mind. I need to chose 1 or three of these practices, when I was 20 years old making time for hot water and lemon, was all I managed to add into my life. At 30 hot water and lemon + reading a quote & dry body brushing + morning shower.

My morning quote has been for years, ‘this beautiful food is making me strong and slim, it is thanks to this beautiful food, I can accomplish as much as I do in one day’.


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