Unblock your Pipes, Unlock your Life – Bonus Information

The human body craves that which it is allergic to, with this in mind, if inside you have a quiet voice saying ‘I don’t think this …… food is a good idea’. And you have been experiencing wheezing or shortness of breath or a cough that won’t go away or even a cough you don’t notice much and these symptoms aren’t in causing a big problem,  they are just there.

 Ensuring the internal flow of in and out,  to eases digestive stagnation, remembering nourishing without being starved or deprived is in my opinion key to a healthy tummy and mind. Because everything is connected, this is why I started these blog posts with mental resistance and resilience.

Do you remember being asked, ‘ do you get enough roughage in your diet’? This question was asked a lot in magazines and doctors offices and the bran muffin craze was started. The word roughage we were questioned on our roughage, I remember this so well. This question was being asked before processed foods or pre-prepared meals were being sold, which hold low roughage. So this then means low poopage, low nourishment and your body will be starving for nutrition.

Digestion resulting in stagnation has become normalised. Absolute rules for personal diet requirements have become solidly in gained without the desired results.

Where has basic food enjoyment gone? 



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