Unblock your Pipes, Unlock your Life part 5

The flat-footed deep squat
The flat-footed deep squat







Mental Resistance and Resilience discussed in the last 4 post = positive action with no thought! The thinking has been done….

If your problem is you don’t like other people knowing you have gone poo? Look into a product called ‘Poo-Pourri ‘ just spray before you use the toilet, this a blend of essential oils that virtually eliminates bathroom odors!

Constipation or hard to pass poop, think are you dehydrated ?……. dehydration or water-depleted stools are hard to pass, leads to bloating and overgrowth of fermenting bacteria and yeast. Trust me better all out.

The flat-footed deep squat

So shoes off and please be hydrated, if you live in a city or sit at a desk? Go wide with your legs and put your arms in the middle. I hold onto the corner of the couch and I hold this body posture for 30 seconds and then if I can another 30 seconds. I go wide with my legs to keep my feet flat on the ground, for the full benefits of this posture. I heard about this through Daniel Vitalis and I have been using this posture as a health tool. To then go poo


These actions release me from the mental resistance and resilience I discussed and makes room for the life I want to be leading. When I don’t have follow in my tummy, I then don’t have follow in my life.


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