Unblock your pipes, unlock your life part 4

The impaired digestion, what I have covered so far. Mental resistance and resilience to thinking what you have been experiencing in your body and mind are normal. When they have become normalised because they have been present daily in your life.

The science is clear that our thoughts drive a significant part of our biochemistry, even if our tummies will bloat or weather our bodies will burn fat as fuel. Imagine if we keep telling ourselves what we are feeling and experiencing, like not pooing is fine? Imagine all the signals are normalised by our thinking? What could happen in our bodies? If you where to start a list of health improvements you would like in your life, what would they be?

Being grateful for breathing? Being grateful for pooing very day? May be even twice or three times. Being grateful you know you have a little list to work through for yourself and not because you are getting married? Or you want to look better than your best friend who’s having a party?

For you and only you…..and feeling the gasping onto those cravings and know what is below them? Finding a food plan that works for your body….wow now we are talking about living now.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle, that works for you.

The solution where to start?


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