Unblock your pipes, Unlock your Life part 3

These last weeks I have had a lot of bad days, what I mean by this is. A nagging voice in my head, a number of doubts and food cravings. I am in week 8 of being sugar free (all sugar no fruit, no honey all) and I have been forgotten the gain from doing this positive practice. This has been my choice to help support my body but at week 5 I was consumed with self sabotage. Overcome with doubt from my well thought out decision, then I remembered what is was below these cravings. Is me holding on and a inner grasping. Grasping onto my cravings I am was experiencing and stopping the flow of life.

I have not wanted to go deeper inside myself to help these feelings pass and let go. I don’t give a crap about the miracle of life and breathing, I didn’t want to eat a cake or chocolate. The idea of rebooting my system was not my priority but to stay trapped in what I was experiencing was! I am a women that has never successfully completed a diet to lose weight because I have given in to my cravings. This has been very different.

Eating regular meals with good fats, protein and vegetables with daily pooping. Brings up a resistance and resilience in our minds that becomes normal. A long prolonged stress that often turns very negative and this may seem like a high class problem. But if we can’t go poo and an internal stress is building up inside, so how could we think about listening to a friend or helping a work colleague? If we can’t lesson to our own bodies.

Or relaxing and making time to do something you enjoy doing?

If you are not pooing, it is almost impossible to think this could be your body asking you to stop and think about you and what is and isn’t working in your body.


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