Unblock Your Pipes Unlock your Life part 2

This is a late post and late arrival of my part two to healing your gut health. This is due to me starting the, I Quit Sugar Programme by Sarah Wilson. It is 8 weeks long and I am two weeks in and am starting to feel very different in my body and mind now. So I did go through withdrawal symptoms like anyone else, I did give up refined sugars a long time ago. Now all even fruit and honey, for now on this programme is to help support healing my gut health.

The tasty recipes and beautifully thought out food plan is making this programme very easy for me to follow, even though I am still going through the grieving process and I have a full life of responsibilities yet I am committed to this programme. However there was a time in my life I could never have kept to a food plan or diet, I just had to eat what I wanted because I wanted what I wanted !!

Many years of living with poor digestion, leaky gut, IBS and tummy poking out with a lot of pain at times, all signs my tummy needed help. I had a feeling I wasn’t receiving nutrients from the food I was eating because of a constant tiredness.

My solution to repair the health of my gut has come to me slowly. Every time I have thought, ‘I have got it, I can go back to eating normally now’ I was wrong, very wrong.

Then I learnt it takes up to
16 months to repair the health of the gut
That healthy bacteria needs to weigh between 3 to 5 kilos
70% of our immune system is found in our gut wall
Not all probiotics work for everyone – it took a while to find the brand that works for me

I did not understand this pain over years was my body asking for help.


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