Raw Cacao and Beetroot Cake

Raw Cacao and Beetroot Cake
Raw Cacao and Beetroot Cake







You will need a food processor to make this cake.

5x medium organic beetroot’s
1 ½ of Brazil nuts – soaked overnight or at the least soaked for 4 hours
5x Dates
¼ of a cup of coconut sugar (this is optional or you can use honey)
¼ of a cup of melted coconut fat (this is optional and adds a smoothness to the cake)
½ of the cup organic sultanas
½ of raw cocao powder
3x teaspoons of Cinnamon
2x teaspoon of Liquid vanilla

Psyllium Husks Fibre – this acts as the egg the psyllium will bind these ingredients together – I buy this from a health shop and I use half of a ¼ of a cup for this size cake.

Use your grater option on your food processor and grate the beetroot, then place in a bowl.

Take your brazil nuts that have been soaked overnight, place them into your food processor with the S blade in and turn on for about 2 minutes to start breaking down the nuts. Place in soaked dates and sultanas – run you food processor for another two minutes. Stop and push down the ingredients and do this a few times, to break down the ingredients. Keep processing the ingredients until a smooth paste.

Remember we are creating a cake with modern ingredients that will support your body to function at it’s best. Add the rest of the ingredients and the grated beetroot and keep processing with the S blade. Once a smooth paste, stop the processor and taste for sweetness and chocolate flavour. I normally add more cocao and cinnamon and what I feel I need. Remember this is a natural cake so add extra flavour where needed. Have your cake tin ready with Cling film or Glad wrap enough to cover the cake tin and the cake mixture. So you can push the mixture into the cake tin so it takes on the cake shape. Place in the fridge, overnight.

1 cup of cashews – soaked overnight
the juice of 1x lemon
A big tablespoon of honey
Liquid vanilla and good 2x teaspoons
¼ of a cup of melted cocoa fat

Some water so the ingredients can blend in a blender until smooth, taste and add if needed so it tastes good to you. Smooth over your cake and pop back into the fridge.

Overnight the flavours will taste even better or you can have a slice straight away. I slice my cake and freeze each portion for when I need a treat or something to share with others.


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