Your Bodies Many Cries for Water part 4


The energies of mindfulness, concentration and insight can liberate us from our anxiety and worries. We let go of the past and the future, and come in touch with the wonders of the present. Thich Nhat Hanh quote

This quote above I have not been living at all, this has been deeply bothering me and as I do believe if we pay attention to how we feel affects the choices we make and I think feeds negative briefs. Rather than being present and remembering feelings are not facts, they need to be felt and then the perception checked like ticking a list.  The impact of these feelings have affected my food, my water intake and my perception of the pressures around me in my life. In other words what I chose to believe as a little test for Rebecca. Generally, when I am putting my self-care first and I am hydrated I just go with the follow of the day. With my personal to do list, and 150 + work emails in my inbox a day and work deadlines, I do what I can when I can with a light heart

As water is life giving and life preserving why is it we reject water when we need this liquid to function on very level?

Photo Courtesy Matthew Paulson:


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