Treat for the Week Green Cardamom Chia Seed Dessert




This post was wonderfully popular to you all my readers, this recipe has the most vibrant and balanced way you all can experience the flavour of Green Cardamom. The base is home-made almond milk with the Green Cardamom and honey to sweeten, brings out the soft floral tastes. Since my juice fast I have wanted different treats to chocolate with more gentle flavours.

Home made almond milk
Green Cardamom
English Honey
Chia seeds

As you can see I have used a small bowl to mix this in. Home-made Almond milk Green Cardamom English Honey Chia Seeds Chia seeds expand with liquids without losing any of the fibre content, which is amazing for our bodies. Use your gut feeling with amounts of ingredients you use and the amount of flavour you want to taste or experience. Please place in the fridge and let the chia seeds soak up the almond milk and honey and cardamom, if it is to thick add almond milk and stir.

I find waiting 10 minutes or so then I start stirring most helpful.
Also I will be having this for breakfast tomorrow morning.


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