Your Bodies Many Cries For Water part 2

Water Lourdes Fountain  France
Water Lourdes Fountain France

In regard to the molecular structure of water, our thoughts, words, ideas and music have a profound healing or destructive effect on the water. I have learnt this from Masaru Emoto’s research work with water and it’s natural power. Since we humans are 70% water ultimately this means that what we think creates our reality, not just emotionally but physically. Interestingly the planet is also 70% water these experiments have profound implications for the environment also if we want to think big.

I feel Masaru Emoto’s work speaks for itself and is deeply beautiful as well as moving. Please see Masaru’s web site for more information

My question to you is, “if this beautiful water is any more appealing to you”? Than a highly advertised drink.

If we all want to look our best and attached our future mate or build our health future? After learning a little of Masaru Emoto’s work, does this make you want to drink more water?

To glow and radiate natural health and vitality. With many people not hydrating themselves, we often associate the term healthy with a judgement, could seeing these images help you want to make healthy your own? If so how does this look and feel to you? Please leave your comment below.


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