Green Cardamon Truffles

To me a home cook green cardamon is compellingly strong, yet delicate sweet, powerful flavour with an almost eucalyptus freshness. That is yummy with cacao and desserts in general, cardamom is one of the world’s ancient spices. To me it could not be more modern and the flavour is different on my taste buds which is lovely.

Green Cardamon Truffles

For the soft filling
1 and 1/2 cup coconut oil, gently melted
3/4 cup coconut palm sugar, powdered
3/4 cup cacao powder
Vanilla extract liquid
½ a teaspoon of cinnamon
1 and a ½ teaspoons of green cardamom – as I love this taste I put a bit more – please taste so you find this pleasant tasting
pinch Himalayan salt

Once the coconut oil is melted, stir in very thing until smooth and all the lumps are gone. Taste and check this is to your liking. Place into a square dish lined with cling film and place into the fridge until set firm. The longer you leave it, the better the taste becomes. Then cut into squares or any shape you like.

While this was setting make a basic raw chocolate recipe like my basic recipe and dip each of your green cardamon truffles, then place on baking paper. Once all done pop into your fridge until set.

Green Cardamon Truffles
Green Cardamon Truffles





Then get ready and enjoy them. I will place some of these in the freezer to keep them longer.


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