Your Bodies Many Cries for Water

Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, work and personal story is truly profound. Due to its simplicity of the discovery of the power of water. Then there is his personal story about how he learnt this while a political prisoner  in Iran following the Islamic Revolution in 1979, for nearly 3 years. In that time under what the Dr. explained his environment to be an ‘ideal stress laboratory’ despite this the Dr. treated successfully 3,000 fellow prisoners suffering from  illness and particular  stress-induced peptic ulcer disease with water alone.

Despite being offered an earlier release, Dr. FB. choose to stay an extra four months in prison to complete his research into the relationship of dehydration and bleeding peptic ulcer disease. Also while in prison Dr. FB conducted extensive research into the medicinal effects of water in preventing and relieving many painful degenerative diseases. I personally am so stuck by this commitment to 100% focus for results, for the Dr. To delay his release so nothing could stop his research.

The report on his findings was published as the editorial of the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in June 1983. The New York Times Science Watch reported this discovery on 21st June 1983. On finding a new home in the USA,  not only was Dr.FB published his findings but also 6 books were written plus recordings, that we can all learn from today.

There are a lot of people who won’t or can’t as they say, drink water. I think no answer could remotely justify that way of thinking. When I think of all the actions our bodies do and knowing we humans can’t go for longer than 3 days without drinking water, a month without food but drinking water.  So I say go, with the follow of life today  and drink water for vitality ! Feel,  great!

Fereydoon Batmanghelidj best known for his book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water

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