Plants Protein Planning Preparation

My jars
My jars

So I want you all to know, there will be no treat of the week post this week because I will be doing a juice fast. Which I will blog about this week, I will do this for 5 days. Now I have done this before and to me 5 days to easy. However I still need to consider what I am doing so planning and preparation to me is key for me. The jars above are just some of my collection + I did the organic green leafy vegetable shopping with all the organic fruit and other vegetables is done for my 5 days ahead. Also I have cleaned my flat and done my ironing for the week ahead, I have cleaned my floors too. I reason why I go this far is to clear my mind so I can rest during this fast. I will make all my juices in one go, to free up more of my time.

Jason Vale is doing his ‘Big Spring Clean’ so I will join in but I have planned my own juice fast. As I know my needs for a juice fast. If you have never done a fast juice, I think Jason Vale’s recipes are good and doing this in a group makes the process more comforting and less isolating.

I want to limit the obstacles that will appear to break my fast, so I can have the breakthroughs with some of my current blocks I want to feel and let go of…… which I will hope to reveal to you all this week.


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