Eating Pretty and Purposefully

My home-made sauerkraut
My home made sauerkraut

Ok, I started writing an intelligent write-up for this post. It’s is cut and pasted below this recipe. I am going to cut straight to the point here, this is about poop people ! Every day once, twice or three times. Everyday this is a pivotal point. If you have any issues with poo, like you don’t want to poo at your boyfriend’s house or girlfriends house or anywhere else.

Please check out, ‘ Poo – Pourri’ this is amazing. Do make the recipe too, of course !

I highly recommend you make this recipe and this pink sauerkraut is so pretty.

Sauerkraut recipe
1 x Cabbage red or green cabbage or a 50/50 mix of the two depending on what you have
3 x Carrots
Grate these two, I use my food processor. Then

3 x Lemons juice
¼ cup of Apple cider vinegar
¼ cup of Extra virgin olive oil
½ teaspoon of natural good quality salt
probiotic I use ‘Higher Nature probiotic powder’, this has a little spoon inside it. I use two of those in this recipe

Sterilized glass jars, I use ‘Kilner jars’ for preserving my sauerkraut.

Place in a large bowl the biggest you have, your grated cabbage and carrot. Pour over the rest of the ingredients and then turn and mix in your bowl with your hands.

Place your sauerkraut into your sterilized glass right to the top – air tight.
Some people say let it sit for an hour in the dark and then place in the fridge.

Other say people say let it sit for 5 days and then place in the fridge and then I find it last for a good month. I have a hand full with my lunch and dinner.

Digestion takes up a lot of our bodies energy as we are continuously feeding ourselves. Our bodies are naturally designed to detoxify themselves but this process becomes interrupted with eating. Never mind eating too much or eating very heavy foods. Then not drinking enough water or being low in digestive enzymes. Even our tummies get tired or low in energy. Then if we are not pooping regularly this then puts strain on other organs, like our liver.

Sauerkraut will support the digestive process if you add as little as a hand full with your lunch or dinner.

If you want to restore your cholesterol levels ?


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