Eating Pretty

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Why is it that it takes a little food envy to push us to make a new or different food choice for ourselves?


How is it that what is over there so appealing?


My current food rut made me realise, I wasn’t using any spices or very many herbs not even garlic. When I first started cooking at about 15 years old, very main course dish had onions and garlic. Those two ingredients seemed epic to this kiwi girl. Now my food repertoire has grown, so why aren’t I using my knowledge?


Why does it take seeing what others are eating may be better, make us say, “hey, what do I want to eat” to then think ‘ what do I need so I can feel great too’.


When I remember to make and  add this dressing to my vegetables or salad, I feel so pretty !


Put this Pretty Pink dressing in your fridge, ready for your desired meal! and feel pretty too !

Red Beetroot

Rose Water

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Apple cider vinegar

Fresh mint

With a fine grater, grate the beetroot. I used a good quarter, then 2 tablespoons of EVOO, 1 tablespoon ACV, 2 tablespoons Rose water, finely slice the fresh mint leaves and put into your jar. Stir and taste.

I only use the mint leaves and I use a lot because I love the mint with rose water and beetroot. I think this tastes amazing !




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