Recipe for my Treat of the week

Home made chocoloate
Home made chocoloate

On Monday I posted my Treat of the week, these cute little chocolates. They  are my go too easy chocolates. I normally make them while I am making my dinner, for two reasons, one I do two things at once and save some time, two because if I make them on a Monday night. I then know in my mind, I have these chocolates for the week ahead. Then I don’t think about sweet treats much, so my mind is free to think about the other parts of my life I want to focus on.

When I was child watching my Nana cook and create beautiful treats for our family to enjoy, I never knew the power of food made with love and the positive effects this creates in our bodies. In my mind I was watching a women I loved beyond words make food for our family to enjoy and receive nourishment. Incorporating healthy fats into one’s diet is essential to restoring balance internally and I believe should be eaten without guilt and in absolute joy.

 This recipe takes about 10 minutes to make the chocolate maybe less, once the fat is melted.

At the moment the brands I am buying and enjoying are:

The Raw Chocolate Co and Choc Chic for the Cacao fat or butter and Cacao powder

I brought my chocolate moulds from Amazon in shapes I like the look of. Once this basic recipe once mastered  this can be used as a great base to many other recipes I will share with you, so you can also enjoy your own chocolate making with flavours you enjoy. To share with others or to have in your bag to create your own freedom.

Gently melt your Cacao butter or fat in a bowl over a Bain Marie (a pot with hot water not touching the bowl), do not let the water below boil just nice and hot.

I use about a 100 grams

While this is happening in a blender, put about 50 grams  of Coconut palm sugar, with a pinch of salt, I use good quality salt like Himalayan Pink Salt Fine or Maldon English Sea Salt flakes and a ¼ of a teaspoon of cinnamon (if you like the taste of cinnamon use more to your taste) blend to create a fine powder. I make extra of this and keep in a airtight container for my chocolate making.

Once the fat is melted put, a teaspoon of liquid vanilla in with 6 tablespoons of Cacao powder and stir until all the lumps are stirred out. Then start adding you Coconut palm sugar mixture start with a good 3 tablespoons and keep stirring, have a little taste to check if the mixture is sweet enough for you, if not add a little more. The mixture should be nice and liquid like.

Pop into your moulds and place into the fridge for about 15 minutes until solid.

* I do have two types of salt in my kitchen and I mainly use Maldon English Sea Salt because I think it is very important to take in the minerals from the land I live on, to receive nourishment.

* Numerous studies show that cinnamon regulates blood sugar, making it a great choice for diabetics and hypoglycaemics alike.  That’s also great news for anyone who wants to  stabilize  energy levels and moods.

* It reduces LDL cholesterol levels and has a beautiful flavour to go with your food.

* I use a soup spoon to stir with because of it’s roundness to stir out lumps effectively.

* Cacao powder has a strong flavour, I add the cinnamon, vanilla and salt to lift the this flavour and to enhance the sweetness. Which I believe creates a beautiful chocolate taste.


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